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Welcome to Tap Signs

We are enabling digital signage on tap.
We mount a display directly to the bars tap that is controlled from anywhere. It has signage software enabling you to schedule content and create your own content. Now you can not only update the beer on tap but add your own promotions, include information and serve more beer.


  • Central Control : You can update your content across countless displays from anywhere.
  • Scheduling : Send your content at the right time showing your customers the right content at the right time.
  • Single cable : Tap Signs are designed with just a single power cable that needs to be handled during installation.
  • High Contrast : Our displays can be seen across the room all day and evening.



  • Changing images catch the eye and get more attention
  • Adding promotional information saves the bartender time and enables them to serve more beer faster at peak times.
  • Bar patrons gladly sit and read around the bar.
  • Statistics. Know when and how long specific taps were active and compare with others.


About Us

We are a flexible organization that focuses on digital displays. We create content, software alternatives and display solutions.


Per Anderberg
+46 (0) 587- 259 40

Randy Johnson
+46 (0) 73 999 6995